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How we differ from then the rest

At Maven Associates, We believe that the client should always comes. We are a team of dedicated associates looking to think outside of the box to help our clients meet their goals and thrive.


We got our start after noticing a void, Many clients can't  get the service & strategy they requires from the smaller firms yet feel like they don't fit in the "box" of the larger firms. That's where Maven Associates come in.

We bring the experience and expertise of a large firm yet have the flexibility to cater to our clients unique needs. This allows us to tailor a specific strategy and approach for each client opposed to a one size fits all model. 

How we differ from then the rest

Sometimes, finding the right insurance broker that will work for you isn't as easy as it seems. And when the time comes to engage your employee benefits consulting team, assembling the best in the business can be down right hard.

As a multi-dimensional financial services company, MT Stuart & Company is "all" the company you need. From medical and dental plans to retirement and voluntary benefits, we offer the full spectrum of benefits which, when properly communicated, can enhance an employee's productivity and sense of well being.

As your broker or consultant, we will:


  •  Listen to your needs and present those needs to the marketplace

  • Orchestrate the communication of all employee benefits to your workplace 

  • Conduct compliance review and analysis on COBRA, FMLA, etc.

  • Engage our team of HR professionals when appropriate

  • Engage our team of Labor Attorneys if necessary

  • Coordinate the integration of personal benefits for business owners and the design of business succession plans and exit strategies

  • Work with your employees in teaching money management skills

With 40+ years in the business, MT Stuart & Company can offer so much service under one roof. And having served the needs of over 25,000 employees locally and nationally as well, we've become pretty good at what we do best.

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